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Abel Ramirez - Drums, Band Leader


  • Marlin Cooper - Alto--Section Leader
  • Randy Woy - Alto
  • Chelsea Chusenberry - Tenor
  • Adrian Angold - Alto
  • Tom Olson - Bari


  • Kelvin Gunn
  • Tony Swisher
  • Mark Bradley          Section Leader
  • Larry Blair


  • Bill Capell
  • Jeanne Lanier
  • Francis Zigmund
  • Bill Barnes               Section Leader


  • Tom Pender  Guitar 
  • Jose Samayoa Bass
  • Abel Ramirez


  • Frank Ancona
  • Frank Vig
  • Anne Trinkl
  • Lloyd Shade
  • Russ Simmons
  • Frank Cherrito
  • Tony Antonucci
  • Katherine Viviano
  • Dave Stephens
  • Lonnie McFadden
  • Duck Warner
  • Barry Allen Cohen
  • Patti DiPardo Livergood
  • Shannon Basham
  • Maurice Hayes



I want to thank all the musicians that have been the back bone of this band for 15 years. And to all the musicians that have substituted to helped keep us going, thank you.
I also want to send my gratitude to all the vocalists
that have sung throughout the years!
You have all helped put a smile on all those who have walked through those doors & helped leave all their troubles behind.
 Thank you